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CareTeam Solutions is dedicated to supporting all of the medical professionals with whom we work. We will seek out the best and most rewarding opportunities available around the country and help place our growing team of medical professionals in those positions. Furthermore, we will continue to provide superior support throughout the assignment. To us you are more than just a nurse; you are a valued member of our team. 

Our pledge to the organizations and institutions that we work with is to always seek out and submit the best-qualified candidates for their open positions. We promise to be a partner rather than just another staffing company.


We promise to always be open and transparent with our team members and our clients.


We will always go above and beyond to ensure that our team members are placed in the best possible possitions.


We promise to always be attentive and responsive to the needs of both our clients and team members.


We will always approach our work and interactions with the level of respect that our team members and clients deserve.

Offering the Most Trusted Nurse Staffing in the Country

We go above and beyond to find the best opportunities for our nurses and to work with them throughout the hiring process as well as their assignment. To us you are more than just a nurse; you are a valued member of our team and we work hard to prove it every single day. 


What a great travel experience with Josh, a recruiter. His response to my messages/questions either by phone or text is always prompt. Good communications between him and his team led to a smooth start of my assignment. Awesome people to work with!! Yes, FIVE stars absolutely! Thanks, Josh!!

I have never used a recruiter before for any of my previous jobs so I didn’t know what to expect. Eric was so helpful and patient explaining all the steps I needed to take to get the job. He gave me great interview tips and always got right back to me with answers to my questions. I had a great experience and got a great job! Thank you Eric!!

As a first time travel nurse. I had searched for months with various travel companies to find a position. Many of them would not take into account all of my concerns and requirements for a job. I found care team solutions and within 24 hours They found the perfect job and I was hired immediately. I have decided to extend my contract with this hospital twice and Eric Paradowski has made it the easiest experience of my nursing career. He frequently checks in on you to ensure your assignment is going well. He will listen to you concerns and immediately express those to the facility. I have not had this same professionalism from any other company I’ve interacted with. Happy to be working with such great individuals.

I rarely post any reviews- but this time it is warranted. Eric Paradowski has not only been professional and kind, but an advocate for me. When I first did not get chosen for a specific job position, he actually called me to tell me. I felt this was extremely professional for him to call and give not so great news, because most recruiters will send a standard “rejection template letter”. I wrote an updated cover letter for reconsideration. He submitted it for me and we kept our fingers crossed. Again, Eric called me to let me know that the person who read my letter was touched by it but the powers that be still decided to keep their decision. Eric kept in touch during that waiting process. I really appreciated that Eric was responsive, positive and actually would talk to me! He is one of a kind, and I am so grateful that he did his best to try and get me into a position I wanted. Thanks so much Eric -keep up those high standards! I’m very impressed!


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