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Our favorite thing is people. You can see it in our logo, our name, or our awesome team below. Read what they have to say about themselves. You’ll see why they’re on our team. And we hope you’ll see why we actually do care.

Justin Cuviello

Most people would never soar higher than having their metal band open for Vanilla Ice. Yet Justin went on to meet Ericka, have Chloe, and then convince his dogs Apollo and Rupert that he was “the beast.”


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Kyle Cuviello

In another movie, Kyle would have been the dude who installs all those fancy gadgets in James Bond’s Aston Martin. In this movie, Kyle’s pretty happy to be his wife and daughter’s all-time favorite steak and s’more chef.

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David Suchan

David doesn’t like to lose. But he does like playing (and often beating) his buddies in a round or ten of golf. Also likes The Tragically Hip.

Business Development/Account Manager

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Eric Paradowski

Having mastered fishing, golfing, and being the coolest Eric in his friend group, Eric is now turning his attention to the fine art of cooking.

Recruiting Manager

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Josh Parr

Sometimes, Josh likes a simple hike with his wife in the Adirondacks. Sometimes he likes to write, direct, and produce an underground street racing film. You never can tell.

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Jon Chavanne

If you need a walrus drawn–STAT!–Jon’s your man. If you don’t, you may find him relaxing by a nice body of water with his family, drinks, and a steaming seafood dinner.

Account Manager

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Alicia Bermudez

What do you do after some illustrious runs at national championship baton twirling? If you’re Alicia, I dunno, maybe find a nice island in the Aegean Sea (Santorini perhaps?) and explore it with your crew.

Recruiter/Account Specialist

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Kala Crawford

Kala has it all planned out: explore the beaches of New Zealand, then the mountains (but not the tippy top…too high!). Then hit a rugby game as a spectator. Or maybe as a player. She hasn’t decided yet.

Sr. Recruiter

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Alec Basehart

 Not many gym dudes are also into candles, but there’s Alec for you. If anything can make you better, smarter, stronger, or faster, Alec wants to hear about it. And then do it. Better than anyone else.

Team Lead

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Riley Perry

Don’t let his grasp of cold, hard facts fool you: Riley’s a lover. He loves America’s Pastime, his girlfriend Maddie, his dog Penny, and the Great Smoky Mountains. Not in that order.

Credentialing Specialist

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Don’t let his tough exterior fool you – Apollo’s a softie at heart. While he takes his job as company mascot seriously, he also knows how to let loose and have a good time. When he’s not busy greeting employees and visitors, you can often find Apollo snuggling with his alligator in his office bed. 

Company Mascot

Leanna McManus

Leanna is mildly obsessed with functional health and integrative medicine podcasts. What is functional health and/or integrative medicine, you ask? How much time do you have, friend?

Clinical Supervisor


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Josh Hendel

Josh doesn’t need much. Hit the beach with the pup. Beat the fellas in a round of golf. And watch the Bills win with the fam.

Sr. Recruiter


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Tony Dillsworth

If it was safe to ski and nerd out on some ancient Roman history at the same time, Tony would do it. Provided his 1-year-old Mac could come along and his wife Maggie could watch.



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Will Soos

He can sing. He can dance. He’d love to explore most of Italy. Perhaps some of France. Will’s down for anywhere with some culture and tasty food, really.

Credentialing Lead


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Amad Almraisi

Amad’s all about his people. Like the crew that play pickup soccer games at the park. But he’s been a bit more…focused on one person lately. He’s getting hitched in August!



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Sophie Stumpf

Sophie may come across as a little quiet, but don’t be fooled – she’s secretly a river float champion in Asheville, NC. You can find her hanging out with her best friend, taking in the scenic views while floating down the river in tubes. Before she was winning floating competitions, she was dominating the pools as a competitive swimmer.

Payroll Associate


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Justin Vanderbrook

What’s better than a trip to the best golfing spot (Pebble Beach, CA) in the lower 48? For Justin, walking on your hands across the green just to make your friends laugh (and miss their putt).



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Kyle Nelson

In another storyline, Kyle would’ve been the life of James Bond’s swanky party. But here, he’s a Pokémon card connoisseur who, when he’s not trying to catch ’em all, conquers the beach with friends and winds down with some sesame chicken takeout.



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Kyle Eigenbrod

The ultimate combo of empathy, reliability, and hard work. But here’s the real fun—Kyle’s got his own mobile bar trailer, rocking the bartending scene at epic events, weddings, and graduations. 



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Emily Vogt

Emily lives for adventure. She’s the kind of person who’d lead her friends on a thrilling boat escapade through the 1000 Islands, her outgoing and fun-loving nature turning each moment into a memory worth keeping. And when the day winds down, you might just catch her taking over the Bluetooth with her hard rock playlist.

Business Development Specialist


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Ashley Ward

Ashley’s kind, funny, and loves to travel. She’s always up for a game of anything, and she’s even better at being a friend. But don’t be fooled by her carefree attitude – she’ll also kick your butt in golf and volleyball!

Quality Assurance Supervisor


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